IOT sensor field

IOT Sensor Product Introduction
the rate of population aging by major countries
  • Korea is experiencing a rapid aging process that is unprecedented in the world
  • Among OECD member countries, Korea has the fastest aging population
Increase in the proportion of elderly population aged 65 or older in Korea
  • Increase in elderly population, entering super-aged society beyond aging society
  • In 2018, the elderly population aged 65 or older accounted for 14.3% of the total population → entering an aged society
  • In 2025, the elderly population will account for 20.3% → It is expected to reach a super-aged society
Service utilization
  • In the upcoming aging society, check the health of elderly people who will be home alone and prepare for emergencies through Nurion's smart sensor technology
  • Effectively detects emergency situations by simultaneously monitoring presence, activity, breathing, and heart rate information in a non-contact manner
IOT sensor system configuration diagram
IOT sensor service configuration diagram
Life detection sensor installation guide (radar)
Biosignal measurement (basic product function)
  • Presence detection
  • Respiratory rate measurement
  • Activity detection
  • Heart rate measurement
Biosignal measurement (optional product feature)
  • Check body temperature
Life detection service
  • In case of emergency,
    request emergency rescue by linking with AI speaker
Product introduction (main function)
Main function Life detection sensor product with proven safety and reliability to the human body
  • Presence and activity status measurements
  • Respiratory rate and heart rate measurement (basic type)
  • Simultaneous measurement of biological signals possible
  • Enhancement support available
  • Temperature, fall check (optional)
Verification history
  • Heart rate medical device comparison test : Hallym University Hospital
  • Respiratory rate comparison test : Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute
  • Emergency scope expert opinion : Chilgok Kyungpook National University Hospital
  • Certification testing for human hazards (harmless : HCT)
  • Sensor detection accuracy certified test : HCT
  • 21 Year Disabled People's Development Institute Test Project (1,922 units)
  • 21 Year Gyeongsangnam-do Test Project (3,240 units)
Product introduction (AI speaker: accessory product)
Emotional care
  • Alleviating loneliness and depression
  • Providing content to increase happiness
  • Music, ASMR, emotional conversation, mood light
  • Dementia Prevention
  • Health care support
365-day safe care
  • Emergency SOS response at all times
Delivery of daily life information
  • Resolving the information gap by disseminating essential information for daily life
  • Weather, news, recipes and more